This might surprise you but I do not have any "traditional" social media profiles. I tend to stick to the "old-new" social media mechanisms: email, RSS and a/this website. I hope you don't mind...

Depending on how you would like to engage or converse with me, here is a quick run-down of how to grab my attention.


This is the most direct way you can contact me. Use this if you would like to offer me work or ask an interesting question.

RSS Feed

If you like to keep up with my latest exploits, subscribe to this feed and dip in when you've got a minute or two...

Announcements' RSS Feed


I know this counts as a form of social media but it's very niche and it's more about the code than me. Anyway... If you have a software-based question or topic you would like to discuss, GitLab is a good place to visit.

GitLab Profile