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In Plain Sight encrypts and decrypts text and emojis and that's pretty much it. With that said, it does allow you to do certain things beyond that. The most notable one is it enables you to visualise what you are encrypting/decrypting. Unlike programs which include it as a feature but don't go into detail about it. Although, that's still better than those which don't offer any encryption at all. Sometimes they do not say if they do or don't but I will skip that part of the conversion for now. With that said, you now have the ability to post encrypted messages in public and private -- regardless of your applications can and can't do. And, if the people reading it know the passphrase, they can decrypt it -- allowing you to hide messages in plain sight.

In Plain Sight is compatible with In Plain Sight Mobile [1]. A message encrypted in one can be decrypted in the other -- and vice-versa.

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For those interested in the technical side of things, here are a couple of bullet points:

To use it, you will need to follow these three steps:

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  1. Enter a passphrase (1); It must be no shorter than twelve characters.
  2. Enter what you want encrypting/decrypting into the Plain box (2). (The Encrypted box (I.E "blue box") is for decrypting text.)
  3. Press the Encrypt button (3). (The "up arrow" for the Decrypt button.)

Bonus Steps...

  1. Press the Move buttons (4/5) to copy the text in Plain and Encrypted into History.

As an aside, you are responsible for your passphrases. If you lose them, you will not be able to decrypt any text encrypted with that passphrase. Everything is done on your machine so I cannot help you afterwards. I do not have a back-up set of keys to your castle, so to speak.

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  1. You can get In Plain Sight Mobile by clicking here.
  2. Wikipedia article on A.E.S.
  3. Bouncy Castle's Website (C# A.P.I.)
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