Test Post

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 | Testing

This is a test post for testing inner-page navigation, in the Writing section. Please ignore this post. It is only here for testing purposes. You are free to continue reading if you want but I can assure you no manner of meaningful meaning will arrive.

This is a piece of writing, which offers you nothing in return for your time spent reading it. This is selfish, in many ways, and the piece should show remorse or even shame. But, as you might have guessed, a piece of writing does not have feelings. Imagine if it did, though. Think of all the bizarre situations you would partake in. What a magical mind-quest you could have...

I see you have continued on this path to nothingness... How would you like this to end? I am at a lost so please tell me. Oh, wait... I, the writer or is it waiter? have written this at a time when you were not present. So, you have no way of communicating your goals with me -- that is a pity. Seeing as I do not know how you would like me to conclude this moment, I will fall-back to the truth -- yet again. There is no meaning here.

Wow, you really are sticking around, aren't you? Hmm... okay... I guess I should make you take your shoes off and offer you a brew. Come on then! Let's be 'avin' yea! Come in! Come in! Let's get down and dirty in the minutiae...

Let me begin by offering you a sincere "Hello and how are you today?" I hope the weather is nice when and where you are. There is something about it which can make or break a day. The tussle between working with and against it can leave a mark on the soul. But, there is a certain type of comfort to be had when you acknowledge it will always win against the human race. Jammy dodger? Would you like sugar in your tea?

Is that the doorbell? Excuse me, I'm just going to see whom it is -- or is it who?


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