Joel Meyerowitz with Fallen Man

Art Pratice

04/23/2020 15:49:40

Lawrence Weiner with Taken From the Wind & Bolted to the Ground

Art Practice

04/23/2020 15:25:22

Anish Kapoor with As if to Celebrate I Discovered a Mountain Blooming with Red Flowers and Barbara Hepworth with Oval Sculpture (No. 2)

Art Practice

04/22/2020 15:15:10

Piero Della Francessca with The Flagellation of Christ and Pablo Picasso with Woman at The Toilet

Art Practice

04/06/2020 22:16:40

Sol Lewitt and Wall Drawing #164

Art Practice

03/26/2020 20:24:39

Series Breakdown: Noteworthy Artists and Artworks

Art Practice

03/25/2020 19:56:43

Notes on My Workflow

Art Practice

03/24/2020 22:00:25

Upon Completion

Art Practice

03/23/2020 16:39:48

Practice Statement 2018

Craigs Practice

04/19/2018 16:37:31

The Practicalities of Material Selection

Art Practice

08/04/2017 20:24:52

What do I Mean When I Say "Starting Point"?

Art Practice

07/29/2017 00:33:30

How Abstract Do I Make It?

Art Practice

07/28/2017 18:30:18

Tonal Delivery

Art Practice

05/07/2017 17:19:46