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Amazing Animal Alphabet is a children’s quiz. The aim is to guess the type of animal on show. There are twenty-six animals in total, one for each letter of the English alphabet. How many animals do you know?

When I began making this game, my intension was to include my niece and nephews in the process. The plan was to show them pictures I drew of the different animals and let them pick which ones to include in the game. I was, also, going to let them pick the style I would use to draw the animals and the GUI parts of the game. I thought it would be empowering for them to see a video game take shape, based on what they said. Can you imagine how you would have felt if someone did that for you? Unfortunately, my grand plan did not materialise like that. They did get to see it but not until the end. Life kept getting in the way and I never got to see them enough to seek there input.

Cue the violin...

Seeing as I have made it, I thought I would let others have some fun with it. It can be quite nice sitting down with the little rug rats and watch them work out the world around them. So, use the link at the bottom of this page to get a hold of it.

As well as the game, I have included an eBook. I figured some of you might find my voice a little grating or weird (not everyone is from Northern England). I am, also, aware of some children's desire to repeat the same thing for hours on end. So, even if you do not mind the voice, having "giraffe" echo for hours on end is enough to drive anyone to rage, madness or both. And, yes; the game comes with an "audio-clue" element.

Key Features

  • Track your high score
  • Amazing art work
  • Audio recording of each animal’s name


Screenshot 1: Start screen
Screenshot 1:The start screen.

Screenshot 2: In-game screen 1
Screenshot 2: The aim is to teach the alphabet and about animals of the world.

Screenshot 3: In-game screen 2
Screenshot 3: Use the hand drawn image to guess the name of the animal.

Screenshot 4: Mobile start screen
Screenshot 4: App. can squeeze down in size if you need it to. Handy when on a tablet.

Screenshot 5: In-game screen 3
Screenshot 5: Click/tap the audio button to hear how to say the animal's name.

Screenshot 6: End of game screen.
Screenshot 6: See if you can beat your highest score.

Download Links

The game can only run on a Windows (64-bit) desktop machine. There is no installer so you can throw it on a USB stick and use it on anyone's Windows machine. This does not include Windows 10 Mobile or IOT/Compact Edition.

The eBook's file size is larger than would usually find because the book is a collection of high-resolution images. There is no "text" per se, like most eBooks.