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This project is an open source project hosted on Git.Abbether. Its purpose is to show how to use Console.Waterworks in an F#-only project.

The main reason this repository exists is because I wrote Console.Waterworks in C#. My intention at the time was to use it with other C# projects once I finished making it. I had no desire to use or learn F# (or VB for that matter). That was was short-lived, though -- surprise! This is because I actually ended up learning F#... and liking it. I still have not learned VB, though. Please don't judge... I don't have enough time to learn everything.

One of the things which stands out when learning F# is the guides for most of .Net is C#-first/only. If you know C#, though, that is not a problem. You just do the ".Net Shuffle" (translate C# to F#) and go on your merry way. With that said, this is tedious and I despise it. There is nothing merry about it. Also, if you do not know C#, I admire your stubbornness to persevere with learning F#.


Instead of throwing the "F# Section" in a deep corner of Console.Waterworks wiki, I have made this. With that said, I must admit it does come with a compromise. This guide does not talk about the internals of Console.Waterworks. Brittle Fish only provides information about using Console.Waterworks in an F# console program. If you want to tinker inside Console.Waterworks, you will need to know C# and use the main Console.Waterworks wiki.


  • Visual Studio 2017 (15.8+)
  • F# (4.1+)
  • Basic understanding of C# (6.0+)
  • Console.Waterworks.Net (4.7+)
  • .Net Core (2.0+)

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