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Note: This project is no longer active.


CO-Data is a vanity project website which displays graphs derived from this ( website. When looking at the charts, you will see how many artworks I made in 2018 (compare to 2019...), which day is my most productive and other things I will refrain from listing here.

CO-Data is an on-going project. So, you will find me adding things to it from time-to-time. This will happen alongside the daily updates of the charts already on there. If you have an idea for an interesting graph/visualisation, feel free to send me an email or pull-request. Or, if you prefer, you can grab the data from CO-API (see below) and incorporate it into your own project.

CO-Data Home Page
Screenshot 1: CO-Data Home Page (during early development)

CO-Data Home Page
Screenshot 2: CO-Data Art Page (during early development)


If you want to work with the source code of this project, I recommend you meet the following:

  • You have experience with Python3 and Flask and Bokeh.
  • You can create a virtual environment in Python.
  • You know how to install packages with Pip -- via 'requirements.txt'.
  • Comfortable using a terminal and Bash.

Otherwise, just visit the website (links below).

Noteworthy Projects

For CO-Data to work the way it does, it utilises two other projects I have created. They are CO-API and Skivvy.


Instead of grabbing the data for from 'behind closed doors', I decided to attach CO-Data to another project: CO-API. In some ways, CO-Data is a demonstration project for accessing and working with the data provided by the CO-API project.

As a quick summary, CO-API is RestAPI for accessing the meta-data of this ( site. For more information about CO-API, you can jump to the project's project page using the links below.


Skivvy is another project of mine which CO-Data works with. Its main goal is to parse the data returned from CO-API into a format which makes it easier to form the graphs I want to create. This is nothing forcing CO-Data to need Skivvy but I use it to reduce the amount of work the C.P.U. needs to do when generating the charts. Skivvy is an open-source project so you can see what it is doing in create detail if you wish to. Links for this project and repository are below.

Relevant Links